StudioRIP XF Inkjet Edition

RIP and workflow software for inkjet printers used as CTP, CTF, proofer and generic color devices. Imposition, trapping, proofing, ink duct control modules. Used by thousands of users worldwide through our international distribution network.

StudioRIP XF Software RIP

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StudioRIP XF Inkjet Edition is the low-cost version of StudioRIP XF, licensed to drive only inkjet printers. Therefore, it offers a feature set unique in the inkjet market with features found only in high-end RIPs, such as imposition, trapping or ink duct control.

Nonetheless, it’s also unique through patented inkjet technologies optimized for repro use such as:

  • 4-channel printing (using the PK and MK channels of the Epson SureColor T series to achieve fast 2880×2880 dpi output);
  • dynamic density modulation (using different ink density in halftones of different percentages);
  • dynamic ink choice (using the ink with better characteristics for the outlines and inner areas);
  • RIP-based interlacing (bypassing the color printing optimized MicroWave algorithm of the printer firmware, allowing the operator to fine tune the interlacing parameters for moiré free halftones and sharp screen dots).

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StudioRIP XF Software RIP

StudioRIP XF Software RIP


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